Our awesome containers allow families to take their veggies on-the-go!  On family night out, use EasyPeasie to add vegetable nutrition to foods like pizza, mix it into kids’ favorite dipping sauces like ketchup, or stir it into milk!


Fresh vegetables will last 1-2 weeks in your fridge.  In the US, fresh fruits and veggies make up the lion’s share of the billions of pounds of edible food thrown away every year.  Reduce your veggie food waste with EasyPeasie!  Kept in cool, dry, and dark conditions (like your spices), Easy Peasie Veggie Blends will last for months!

Great Nutrition

EasyPeasie is pure veggie goodness!  All Blends have dried peas — a great source of protein, fiber, iron, folate, vitamin A, and other mineral nutrients like selenium and calcium!  EasyPeasie has no added sugar, no preservatives, is dairy-free and vegan!  Simply veggies – that’s it.

Cook with it!

sneak vegetables into muffins

Sneak servings of vegetables into foods as you cook. EasyPeasie mixes in great with sweet or savory dishes; burgers, marinara sauce, curries, pancakes, muffins, casseroles, scrambled eggs, and much more!



Finish with it!

sneak vegetables onto pizza

Apply after cooking to hot dishes such as rice, mashed potatoes, hot cereals, pasta, mac & cheese, and more!  Add to cold dishes such as PB&J, cold cut sandwiches, applesauce, …. On family night out, take EasyPeasie with you and add vegetable nutrition to food like pizza! Or mix it into kids’ favorite dipping sauces like ketchup.

Drink with it!


Mixes well into many drinks, including juice and milk. Grown-ups also use EasyPeasie in coffee, tea, and smoothies! Vegetables in the best combination of shelf-life, convenience, and great, real-food nutrition.



EasyPeasie is the most convenient and stress-free way to add vegetable nutrition to any meal!

EasyPeasie is…

  •  All natural, responsibly-sourced vegetables

  •  Nothing more than vegetables

  • Free of preservatives and added sugar

  •  An easy way to add veggies to any meal or drink

  •  Convenient and portable

  •  Fun to sprinkle

  •  A great way to prime the palates of infants and toddlers for vegetable flavors