Car Safety Week!

EasyPeasie car set tips_Infant car seat
Alrighty families! We’re using our RED YELLOW GREEN value pack SALE to highlight traffic and car safety this week. Injury prevention is one of the most important topics that we, as pediatricians, discuss with families.  Here in the United States, unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death for...
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Picky Eaters, The Finale!

EasyPeasie vegetable sprinkles on spaghetti
We’re at the final of our Ten Tips for Getting Kids to Eat More Veggies. The final “E” in our mnemonic is for “EasyPeasie,” and gives us a chance to re-tell you the story of how we started all this dried veggie funny business in the first place! When...
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Picky Eaters, Part 9!

EasyPeasie girl eating vegetables
Veggies in the Moment! Well, friends, we’ve reached the 9 th tip for getting our kids eating more veggies. The “I” in our acronym stands for “In the Moment.” You may remember us discussing this in a blog post during our original website launch a couple of years ago....
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Picky Eaters, Parts 3 and 4

EasyPeasie in sauce (ketchup)
Many parents have found that, for their toddlers, food seems to magically change with “sauce.” Who can tell if it’s the actual act of dipping which probably seems a lot like play; the fun and independence of controlling part of the meal (“Should I have a little sauce or...
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