Dorielle T. Price, PhD

Dorielle is a dedicated wife and mother of two young boys.  In addition to home-making, she enjoys volunteering, tutoring and mentoring youth, and staying active outdoors with her family.  She is a native of Hallandale Beach, FL.  Her parents say that she has been an entrepreneur since the age of six, from making and selling crafts, to selling produce from her grandmother’s garden.  Her school friends and teammates called her “Duracell” because of her high energy and fearless hard work.

After completing a competitive magnet program at Stranahan High School, Dorielle obtained her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering (EE) at Clark Atlanta University. She then completed Master’s and Doctoral degrees in EE at the University of South Florida, with research focused on designing microelectrodes to quantitatively detect cancer cells.  Her expertise in the field demonstrated through authorship of multiple book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles.  Both engineering and the PhD process developed Dorielle’s experimental and analytical skills; teaching her how to persevere and problem solve.

Dorielle worked in the industry for several years before her family decided to return home to Florida.   Her second son having to transition to formula-feeding led Dorielle and her sister to pediatric research showing that breast-fed babies have more varied food interests than formula-fed babies when they grow to be toddlers.  She and her sister posed the question, how can we expose the palates of little ones to vegetable flavors in particular as early and as often as possible?  Applying her skills and mommy-motivation to this question, EasyPeasie was born.  EasyPeasie is the brainchild and now main the beneficiary of Dorielle’s skills, training, and experiences.